How to clean a computer screen? Do’s and don’ts.

People can easily clean their computer screens, but before that, they need to prepare some tools. For example, if someone wants to use an eyeglass cleaner to clean the computer screen, one must use an anti-reflective and an anti-glare coating. The person should also prepare two microfibre clothing instead of simple clothing as it will not scratch the computer screen and easily clean it.

If the user wants to use a homemade mixture, one can use an empty bottle with a sprayer on top to help disperse the liquid. If you want to get some easy tricks, then you can have a peek at Written below are some of them.

  1. Clean the dust-out

First, the user should wipe off the dust with the help of a fiber cloth so it doesn’t scratch the screen and mark it. One can also blow air from the side of the screen to blow the dust off the screen. While cleaning the computer screen with a cloth, one should always remember to use a dry cloth to not damage the board. Always use a microfiber cloth gently without pushing it too hard.

  • Only to spray liquid on fiber cloth.

 Don`t spray the liquid directly onto the screen as if it enters the circuit board; it can seriously damage your screen. Only to apply a sufficient amount of spray, not too little or too much as if too little is applied it will have no effect but rather if too much of the liquid can run off into the circuit board. Also, cloth to be moved in a pattern as if moved some spots randomly will be left behind.

Use two cloths instead of one as if one gets dirty it will not clean your computer screen completely. When a microfiber cloth is filled with dust, it should be cleaned by another cloth, or any other cloth should be used instead.

  • Wiping it again with a dry cloth

 A dry microfiber cloth should be used to dry the liquid off the screen without leaving any dust behind. One can clean it again if some dust is remaining. The cloth should be rubbed along the edges neatly without excessive pressure as it can damage your screen.

  • Cleaning the screen in a short time again

After cleaning the computer screen thoroughly, one must clean it again and again after a short period, so it doesn’t need cleaning thoroughly. It will also help protect your screen`s coating as if the wrong spray is used; it can damage your screen`s coating badly. This simple habit can keep your computer`s screen clean and dust-free for weeks without causing you any trouble.

One should also keep their computer`s screen in a safe place covered when not in use as it will help it not get dirty again, keeping your computer screen dust-free for an even longer duration of time. One should repeat the process from time to time to keep their computer screen dust-free and scratch-free.

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