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Recent Tech Discoveries

Technology is advancing so fast now that you don’t have time to look back. Find out first what improvements have been invented today.


MacBooks will get even cooler. The last word in technology. Less blue harmful glow, better picture quality.


The new BMW speedometers are already being released as a standalone option for your car. indicators are displayed on the new display, the driver will see a three-dimensional image.

Q - series

The body of the Audi q-series will be even more modern. The new models will have bodies with a new, completely different design.

White on black

Scientists have proven that on modern smartphones, text is better perceived when it is white on black, and not black on white.

World of watches

Mechanical or electronic? With the advent of electronic watches, a war broke out between manufacturers. War of technology and old classics.

Your Display

From small to large and back. Why does the size of phone displays keep changing? Which one is more convenient?

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